Parque José Domingo Médica


Boquete's central plaza has flowers, a fountain and a children’s playground.

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1. El Explorador

0.76 MILES

Great for families, this private garden is located in a hilly area 3km northeast of the town center. You can walk to it in about 45 minutes. The 2…

2. Parque Nacional Volcán Barú

4.42 MILES

Volcán Barú is Panama's only volcano and the dominant geographical feature of western Panama. It is no longer active but has seven craters and its summit,…

3. Finca Dracula

10.81 MILES

This orchid sanctuary, 500m from the center beyond the landmark Los Quetzales Ecolodge & Spa, is one of Latin America’s finest orchid collections, with…

4. Arte Cruz

14.08 MILES

On the west side of Hwy 41, some 3.5km south of Volcán, you’ll spot this workshop where master carver and artist José de la Cruz González makes and sells…

6. Sitio Barriles

17.74 MILES

The pre-Columbian ruins at this site 6km west of Volcán along the Río Gariche date from between AD 300 and 900, when the settlement had as many as 1000…

7. Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia

23.92 MILES

The Church of the Sacred Heart, facing downtown's central Parque de Cervantes, has a bell tower and dates largely from the 19th century.

8. Bosque Protector de Palo Seco

25.65 MILES

This is a lush cloud forest covering more than 167,000 hectares set high in the Talamanca mountains. There are three trails maintained by MiAmbiente in…