Playa Barqueta

Chiriquí Province

This long and lovely black-sand beach 25km southwest of David is a popular weekend escape for city folk, but you'll have the place all to yourself if you visit during the week. Be warned: as inviting as the ocean seems, riptides are strong, and there are some steep underwater drops as you wade in. This is a great place to break out your surfboard if you've got one.

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2. Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia

15.11 MILES

The Church of the Sacred Heart, facing downtown's central Parque de Cervantes, has a bell tower and dates largely from the 19th century.

3. Arte Cruz

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On the west side of Hwy 41, some 3.5km south of Volcán, you’ll spot this workshop where master carver and artist José de la Cruz González makes and sells…