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Toes in sand, drink in hand: a guide to Panama’s islands

5 min readPublished Oct 21, 2019

Blindingly beautiful and biodiverse, Panama promises pure paradise along two coastlines: the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. With over 1,400 palm-fringed islands to choose from, beach lovers are wonderfully spoilt for choice. 

A small boat rests partly on the light brown sandy shore and partly in the vibrant blue ocean water on one of the San Blas Islands in Panama. In the background, next to palm trees, is a small grass-roof hut.
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Tips for exploring Panama's Guna Yala territory

7 min readPublished Apr 7, 2016

Scattered along the Caribbean coast of Panama, the 365 tiny coconut islands of the San Blas archipelago make up one of Central America's most intriguing…

Tips for exploring Panama's Guna Yala territory