Ibra Old Quarter

Ruins in Ibra

The old part of Ibra is a honeycomb of crumbling mud-built houses of two or three storeys. There's a paved walkway of several kilometres through some of the best parts of the old village, accessed by a double archway; note the well on the right of the entrance and the old Al Qablateen Mosque 500m along the narrow lane. Several houses have been restored by local residents. Wander on foot as it's a struggle to get around the corners in a car.

You can reach the old quarter by walking across the wadi next to Ibra Souq and following your nose. Alternatively, follow the brown signs past the souq area and turn right for the local villages of Al Munisifeh and Al Kanatar. This route meanders round the lanes and ends in a parking lot. The double archway marks the village entrance, and it's easy to navigate around the village falaj (irrigation channel). There are clean public toilets here (200 baisa).