Ibra Souq


Ibra has a lively souq that is at its most active on a Wednesday morning. Arranged around a double courtyard, the greengrocery takes pride of place in the centre, with local melons and aubergines making colourful seasonal displays. To reach the souq by car, turn right off the Muscat–Sur Hwy at a sign for Al Safalat Ibra, just past the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, and the souq is about 500m on the right.

A working silver souq, where khanjars (traditional curved daggers) and veil pins are crafted, occupies several of the shops around the outer courtyard, muscling in between carpentry shops where elaborately carved doors are still made. Look out for a shop called ‘Sale and Maintenance of Traditional Firearms & Rifle Making’: there’s always an energetic huddle of old men engaged in comparing ancient weaponry around the tables outside. You will probably also notice piles of flattened and dried fish – a local delicacy, still prized despite the modern road system that brings fresh fish to Ibra via the neighbouring wet fish market.

If trying to reach the souq by bus, say you’re heading for the souq and ask to be set down near Al Yamadi turning.

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