Southern Norway

Fredrikstad's 1880 cathedral reflects the town's 19th-century importance with its stained-glass work by Emanuel Vigeland. Norwegian practicality combines here with its piousness: bizarrely, the steeple contains a lighthouse, which still functions at night.

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1. Isegran

0.46 MILES

Norse sagas mention the 13th-century fortress of Isegran, an islet in the Glomma that became a further line of defence against Sweden in the mid-17th…

2. Isegran Ruins

0.49 MILES

The ruins of a stone (originally wood) tower remain visible at the eastern end of Isegran.

4. Balaklava

0.51 MILES

Among the finest old buildings in town, dating from 1783.

7. Bastion 5

0.58 MILES

This stone storehouse, built between 1674 and 1691, is one of the oldest buildings in Gamlebyen and now a ceramics showroom.

8. Old Convict Prison


Among the finest old buildings in town, the old convict prison was built in 1731.