Florence Court

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Set in lovely wooded grounds in the shadow of Cuilcagh Mountain, Florence Court, 12km southwest of Enniskillen, is famous for its rococo plasterwork and antique Irish furniture, viewable on a guided tour, which also takes in the servants' quarters downstairs. In the grounds you can explore the walled garden and, on the edge of Cottage Wood, admire an ancient Irish yew tree said to be the mother plant of all Irish yews.

Florence Court was the home of three generations of the Cole family starting with Sir John Cole, who named the house after his wife Florence. In the 1770s his son William Willoughby Cole, the first Earl of Enniskillen, oversaw the addition of grand Palladian wings to this beautiful, baroque country house. It was badly damaged by fire in 1955 and much of what you see on the tour is the result of meticulous restoration, but the magnificent plasterwork on the dining-room ceiling is original.

Check the website for upcoming costume tours, where you'll see characters such as the cook at work in the kitchen, and special children's tours.

Within the estate's 35-sq-km grounds are 15km of trails for walking and cycling; bikes can be hired from the visitor centre (£7.50/15 for three hours/full day).

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