Glenariff Forest Park

Glens of Antrim

At the head of the Glenariff Valley is Glenariff Forest Park, where the main attraction is Ess-na-Larach Waterfall, an 800m walk from the visitor centre. You can also walk to the waterfall from Laragh Lodge, 600m downstream. Wonderful hikes in the park include the 9km circular scenic trail. There's also a teahouse selling scones and hot drinks and lunches.

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Nearby Glens of Antrim attractions

1. Curfew Tower

5.22 MILES

The unusual red sandstone Curfew Tower at the central crossroads was built in 1817 and based on a building the landowner had seen in China. It was…

2. Layd Old Church

6.18 MILES

From the car park beside the beach (follow the golf-club signs), a coastal path leads 1km north to the picturesque ruins of Layd Old Church, with views…

3. Glenarm Castle & Walled Garden

8.02 MILES

Since 1750, Glenarm has been the family seat of the McDonnell family, earls of Antrim; it's currently the home of Lord and Lady Dunluce. The castle itself…

4. Slemish Mountain

9.46 MILES

The skyline to the east of Ballymena is dominated by the distinctive craggy peak of Slemish (438m). The hill is one of many sites in the North associated…

5. Ecos Nature Park

11.53 MILES

Built as an interpretative centre designed to increase awareness of environmental issues and alternative energy sources, the impressive Ecos Centre…

6. Braid

11.98 MILES

Ballymena's museum is housed in a dramatic modern building that is also home to the town hall, tourist office and arts centre. Interesting exhibitions…

7. Dark Hedges

12.65 MILES

Planted by the Stuart family in the 18th century as the formal entrance to their property, these shadowy, gnarled, entwined beech trees are now among…

8. Marconi Memorial

13.66 MILES

In the harbour car park, a plaque at the foot of a rock pinnacle commemorates the day in 1898 when Guglielmo Marconi's assistants contacted Rathlin Island…