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Also known as whowhatwherewhenwhy, W5 is an interactive science centre aimed at children aged three to 11 and filled with more than 250 exhibits. Kids can compose their own tunes by biffing the 'air harp' with a foam rubber bat, try to beat a lie detector, create cloud rings and tornadoes, and design and build their own robots and racing cars.

The newest exhibits are MED-Lab, an interactive medical-themed space, and Amaze, a 360-degree virtual reality experience.

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1. Odyssey Complex

0.05 MILES

The cylindrical-shaped Odyssey Complex is a huge sporting and entertainment centre on the eastern side of the river at the edge of the Titanic Quarter…

2. SS Nomadic

0.21 MILES

Built in Belfast in 1911, the SS Nomadic is the last remaining vessel of the White Star Line. The little steamship ferried 1st- and 2nd-class passengers…

3. Clarendon Dock

0.26 MILES

Across the River Lagan from the Titanic Quarter lies the Clarendon Dock. It's been restored to incorporate a soulless business park, but leading off it…

4. Harbour Commissioner's Office

0.28 MILES

The striking marble and stained-glass interior of the Italianate Harbour Commissioner's Office (1854) features art and sculpture inspired by Belfast's…

5. Obel

0.31 MILES

Ireland's tallest building, the 2010-completed, 27-storey Obel, contains luxury apartments and dominates the waterfront at Donegall Quay.

6. Sinclair Seamen's Church

0.31 MILES

Built by Charles Lanyon in 1857–58 to meet the spiritual needs of visiting sailors, this part church, part maritime museum has a pulpit shaped like a ship…

7. Lagan Weir

0.32 MILES

Completed in 1994, Lagan Weir has helped improve the water quality of the River Lagan – the city's former lifeblood – to such an extent that salmon, eels…

8. Titanic Belfast

0.32 MILES

The stunning, star-shaped Titanic Belfast is the city's number-one tourist draw. Standing majestically at the head of the slipway where the Titanic was…