Nicaragua Libre


This small rural community at the base of Volcán Mombacho is part of the UCA community-tourism project. It offers guided trips through organic coffee farms, horseback rides to San Juan de Oriente and walks to Mombacho. It's a 1km walk from where the bus drops you on the Granada–Nandaime road; contact UCA’s Granada office by phone for more details.

A concerted effort has been made to preserve the art of traditional handicrafts here; look for young artisans selling their work.

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Nearby Nicaragua attractions

1. Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Candelaria

3.31 MILES

This canary-yellow church – the perfect centerpiece for this witchy town – has rather Gothic stone walls and an extra-interesting collection of saints. It…

2. Mirador el Boquete

4.58 MILES

From the village of Diriá, a road leads up to the Mirador el Boquete, a peaceful viewpoint overlooking Laguna de Apoyo, without the crowds that the…

3. Reserva Natural Volcán Mombacho

4.93 MILES

It’s been a few decades since this 1345m volcano, the defining feature of the Granada skyline, has acted up, but it is still most certainly active and…

4. Aguas Agrias – La Nanda Community

5.53 MILES

This rural community, just south of Mombacho volcano, is an off-the-beaten-path destination where local guides lead hikes through a traditional plantation…

5. Mirador

6.26 MILES

Catarina’s main claim to fame offers views across the startling blue waters of Laguna de Apoyo to Granada and Lago de Nicaragua all the way to Ometepe…

6. Biblioteca Augusto C Sandino

6.69 MILES

This simple corner building was the childhood home of revolutionary leader Augusto C Sandino. Now it's a library and small museum devoted to Sandino…

7. Cementerio de Granada

7.89 MILES

Used between 1876 and 1922, this beautiful cemetery on Granada's outskirts has lots of picturesque mausoleums and tombs, including those of six Nicaraguan…

8. Fortaleza La Polvora

8.15 MILES

Originally called the Fortaleza de Armas when it was constructed in 1748, this lavishly turreted Spanish fortress still has the best views in town, over…