Welcome to Friday around the planet, a roundup of some of the travel-related news and inspiration you might have missed over the past week. 

I launched this roundup at the beginning of the year as Omicron cases were surging and travel restrictions were rapidly changing. It was tough to keep track of everything at that time and we thought doing this roundup might help travelers sort through the noise. 

Now, with Omicron cases falling, it feels like we are on the cusp of a new normal (though I have been fooled before). But, in response to that shift, this column will change a bit.

I'll still give you a rundown of the entry requirements that have changed over the past week, but I'm going to move to highlight more of the stories our team has published from the week to hopefully help inspire your next travels. At the very least, I hope it allows you take a break from doom-scrolling, and experiece all of the wonderful places and people in this world. 

Entry requirement changes this week

With the number of COVID-19 cases dropping internationally, we've seen several consecutive weeks where governments around the globe have loosened their restrictions and entry requirements. Here are some of the places we’ve seen entry requirements change over the past week:

Ireland ends COVID restrictions for incoming travelers
India will resume regular international flights one week after Holi celebrations
Puerto Rico is set to scrap most COVID rules 
Greece will end its Passenger Locator Form requirement
Malaysia will allow quarantine free travel starting in April

Inspiration from the Outdoors 

Entering the daily lottery for Arizona’s The Wave's is about to get easier as the Bureau of Land Management is moving the in-person lottery to mobile device. The catch? You’ll still need to be in the area as it uses geofencing technology to ensure applicants are in the vicinity and able to attend a safety briefing before the hike. (By the way, if you don't want to hassle with the permit process or want a less challenging hike, scroll to the end of this for my recommendation for an alternative.) 

USA, Arizona/Utah border, woman walking across The Wave, rear view
Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Sep 2006 © Adam Jones/Getty Images

If you’re looking for some more unmissable outdoor adventures, here are a few places to find inspiration:

11 stunning waterfalls at Yosemite National Park 
The best beaches in Kauaʻi are Hawaiian perfection
Best National Parks in Bolivia
Best National Parks in Oman 

Places to wander

It's March and that sound you hear isn't the wind. It's the beach beckoning you to visit. Whether you're looking for inspiration of what to do in Santa Barbara or want the top spots to make you fall in love with Ibiza, here are a few other stories to help you daydream about your next destination:

Top things to do in the culturally rich Oaxaca City 
Things to know before going to Kenya
Japan's 10 most spectacular road trips
The best time to visit the Dominican Republic for a Caribbean adventure 
What to know before you travel to Sri Lanka
Things to know about Playa del Carmen to make your trip more enjoyable

Experiences to remember

Maybe instead of braving the spring break crowds at a beach, you'd like to go off the beaten path and warm up at a natural hot spring. Check out 10 places in the United States where you can enjoy this geothermal natural wonder. 

Meanwhile, here are a few other places that might offer you an experience to remember:

The coolest ghost towns in the United States 
7 places for epic kayaking adventures
The best Mayan sites in Central America

Finally, in honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8),  we’d love for you to join us in supporting Women’s Human Rights in Ukraine. Our thoughts all week have been with the besieged people of Ukraine and the women and children fleeing their homeland for shelter and safety.

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