A number of people with an adventurous spirit will get the opportunity to visit the world’s first standalone bar on a glacier in Iceland.

Reyka Vodka Bar.jpg
Visitors will get the opportunity to visit the world’s first standalone bar on a glacier in Iceland © Reyka Vodka`

The Reyka Vodka Glacier Bar will open between 16 and 20 October on the Langjökull Glacier, the water source of Reyka Vodka. Those chosen will be given the opportunity to journey north to the Arctic Circle by air, free of charge, before being taken on an off-road adventure to reach the bar, where they’ll pass geothermal hot springs. Alternatively, truly intrepid adventurers are invited to make their own way there, armed only with coordinates.

The Langjökull ice cap is the second largest glacier in Iceland, and the closest major glacier to Reykjavík. Travellers who visit the bar will be able to enjoy the Reyka signature cocktail, Puffin Collins. Powered by renewable energy, the vodka is distilled in small batches, using glacial spring water that runs through a 4000-year-old lava field in Langjökull. Ancient lava rocks are also used to filter the vodka, giving it a crisp, clean taste. The glacier bar project has been ten months in the planning, and local craftsmen are constructing the structure, which will then be moved to the site before opening.

A Reyka Vodka bottle in front of a waterfall in Iceland
Reyka Vodka is made from water from Langjökull in Iceland © Reyka Vodka

For your chance to experience this adventure, sign-up at Reyka Vodka's website here. Fabiano Latham, Reyka Vodka brand ambassador, will select the final attendees following an interview. You can also make your own way there by land, sea or air armed with just the co-ordinates, which can be found by visiting the website here.

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