Banksy has struck again and left a new piece of street art in the British city of Bristol, and this new graffiti definitely sums up the main event of this year.

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The piece is titled Aachoo!! and it represents an elderly lady, with a headscarf, handbag and walking cane, bending over while sneezing. The sneeze is actually so powerful that we can see the lady’s dentures flying out– and we probably can’t help but be reminded of the way COVID-19 is spread from person to person.

A landscape picture of the graffiti and the sloped road
The graffiti was noticed by passersby at the beginning of this week before Banksy himself claimed it © Matthew Horwood / Getty Images

Aachoo!! appeared on the side of a house in Vale Street, a characteristically sloped road in Bristol’s suburb of Totterdown. Vale Street features among England’s steepest roads, and with the right angle it almost looks like the elderly lady’s sneeze was also powerful enough to make all the other houses on the street to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The graffiti was claimed by Banksy on his Instagram account and the pictures posted caused quite a bit of buzz as one features a man, posing as if he is being blown away by the sneeze. Speculations that this man was none other than the artist himself have started running around the internet, although of course nothing has been confirmed and Banksy’s identity remains a mystery.

You can also check out Aachoo!! or Banksy’s other works around the world on his official website here.

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