Ichangu Narayan Temple

Hindu Temple in The Northern & Western Valley

About 3km northwest of Swayambhunath, Ichangu Narayan is one of several important temples dedicated to Vishnu in his incarnation as Narayan, the ‘eternal man’. Built in the two-tiered pagoda style, the temple was founded in around AD 1200 and its courtyard is dotted with ancient Garuda statues and other Vaishnavite symbols. The complex was shaken by the 2015 earthquake, but most structures have been stabilised and repaired.

Microvans (route 23) go to Ichangu Narayan (Rs 25) about every half hour from Kathmandu's Ratna Park or New Road Gate (near the Nepal Airlines office). They stop at the Aadeswor Temple, from where you have to walk about 2km to the temple. A taxi from Thamel to Ichangu Narayan costs Rs 500.