Standing Buddha Image


If you walk south along the west bank of the Bagmati, you will reach this 7th-century standing Buddha image.

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1. Raj Rajeshwari Temple

0.03 MILES

If you walk south along the west bank of the Bagmati, you will pass a 7th-century standing Buddha image, next to the damaged Raj Rajeshwari Temple, with…

2. Western Cremation Ghats

0.05 MILES

Despite being clogged with garbage and black with pollution, the fetid Bagmati River is actually an extremely sacred river; Pashupatinath is the Nepali…

3. Eastern Ghats

0.06 MILES

Pashupatinath's ghats are often full of life and it's worth taking some time to absorb it all. Devotees ritually bathe in the dubious-looking waters of…

4. Panch Deval

0.07 MILES

If you follow the road running south from the side entrance to the temple, you will pass this former temple complex that now acts as a social welfare…

5. Religious Market

0.07 MILES

Pilgrims flock to this fascinating market to pick up prasad (religious offerings) and spiritual souvenirs.

6. Ram Temple

0.08 MILES

This elaborately frescoed wooden temple is often thronged by visiting sadhus, especially during the Maha Shivaratri Festival.

7. Bachhareshwari Temple

0.09 MILES

Between the two groups of ghats on the west bank of the Bagmati is this small, 6th-century temple, decorated with Tantric figures, skeletons and erotic…

8. Pashupatinath Temple


Undiminished by the earthquake, the pagoda-style Pashupatinath Temple was constructed in 1696, but has been a site of Hindu and Buddhist worship for far…