Doh Eain Alley Gardens


If you were wondering where all the street art in Yangon is, you need to start looking down back alleys. This pair of alleys, which can be toured as a loop, includes one decorated with historical and present-day photos of Yangon and Myanmar.

There are six other alleys, and all are a project by Doh Eain, a heritage restoration and urban beautification organisation doing amazing work in Yangon.

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1. Sule Paya

0.09 MILES

Not many cities have a primary traffic circle occupied by a 2200-year-old golden temple. This 46m zedi (stupa), said to be older than Shwedagon Paya, is…

2. City Hall

0.12 MILES

This colossal colonial building, which today houses the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC), was constructed between 1925 and 1940. It's adorned with…

3. Mogul Shia Mosque

0.12 MILES

Completed in 1918, this is the largest of a handful of Shia mosques in Yangon, occupying a broad plot between 29th and 30th Sts along Mahabandoola Rd. The…

4. Old Tourist Burma Building

0.13 MILES

In late 2019, following a major heritage-restoration project overseen by the nonprofit Turquoise Mountain, this stately colonial building reopened. Much…

5. Ayeyarwady Bank

0.17 MILES

This 1910 heritage building was once Rowe & Co department store, dubbed the 'Harrods of the East'. After independence it was used to house the Ministry of…

6. Immanuel Baptist Church

0.18 MILES

One of Yangon's oldest Baptist churches, this one was originally built in 1830 though the present structure dates from 1885.

7. Independence Monument

0.18 MILES

This 165ft white obelisk inside Mahabandoola Garden is surrounded by two concentric circles of chinthe (half-lion/half-dragon deities). Designed by Sithu…

8. Surti Sunni Jamah Mosque


Built in the 1860s, this is thought to be Yangon's oldest surviving Muslim place of worship. Its pair of large minarets flanks an equally imposing arched…