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Southern Myanmar

Strangely neglected by many travelers, southern Myanmar offers some of the finest natural sights in the entire country.

In the space of a couple of days, you can descend into the Buddha-packed caves around Hpa-an and ascend the winding road to the sacred golden boulder perched on Mt Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock). Then there's the little-known and even less visited Myeik Archipelago, perhaps Myanmar's most dramatic intersection of water, land and sky.

And if all that weren't enough, the historic city of Mawlamyine, once Myanmar's capital, has almost as fine a collection of colonial-era buildings as Yangon, while Dawei and Myeik, mixing traditional wooden architecture with brick mansions and buildings constructed during British rule, can boast of centuries of history as ports. Best of all, the lack of visitors means there's plenty of space to enjoy the region.

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