Must-see attractions in Chin State

  • The top of Mat Ma Taung, Mount Victoria mountain.

    Mt Victoria

    Chin State

    The highest peak in Chin State – 10,016ft – and the third-highest in Myanmar, stunning Mt Victoria is one of the principal attractions of southern Chin…

  • The heart shaped lake of Rih Dil at Rikhawdar, Myanmar.

    Rih Lake

    Chin State

    This small, heart-shaped lake has huge spiritual significance for the Mizo people, who inhabit both sides of the nearby Myanmar–India border. Rih Lake…

  • Main road in Siang Sawn Village

    Siang Sawn

    Chin State

    This rather strange, impeccably tidy village is an oddity in that it follows its own religion despite its proximity to heavily Christian Tiddim. In fact,…

  • Kennedy Peak

    Chin State

    Kennedy Peak stands 8868ft high, making it Chin State's second-highest mountain. The site of a battle between the British and Japanese in WWII, the peak…

  • Yanpaymanpay Paya

    Chin State

    This temple with a golden zedi (stupa) and a sitting, white-faced Buddha surrounded by five disciples looms over Falam from almost the highest point above…

  • Falam Baptist Church

    Chin State

    It's not very old – dating back only to 1983 – but this is possibly the largest church in Chin State and it dominates Falam. It's worth checking it out on…

  • Viewpoint

    Chin State

    There are fine views over Hakha and the surrounding hills from this viewing platform about 1 mile outside town. To find it, follow Bo Gyoke Rd south past…

  • Taung Pulu Monastery

    Chin State

    The steps to the top of this monastery, offering the best mountain views, especially at sunset, are lined with standing Buddha statues.

  • Sanminedidisiv Paya

    Chin State

    Climb the steep steps to this small golden zedi (stupa) perched above Mindat for awesome views over the surrounding area.

  • Hakha Baptist Church

    Chin State

    With its fine stone steeple and red roof, this is the most distinctive and historic of Hakha's many churches. Funded by American missionaries, it dates…

  • Former District Commissioner's House

    Chin State

    Back when the Chin Hills were part of British Burma, they were administered from this red-brick house, the former home of the district commissioner. The…

  • Hindu & Buddhist Temple

    Chin State

    Built in 1908, this temple is noteworthy for the strange teak pillar with 1000 small sitting Buddha images carved by a well-known monk.

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