Seinnyet Nyima Paya & Seinnyet Ama Pahto

This stupa and shrine stand side by side (about 820ft north of New Bagan) and are traditionally ascribed to Queen Seinnyet in the 11th century, although the architecture clearly points to a period two centuries later. The zedi rests on three terraces and is topped by a beautiful stylised umbrella.

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1. Seinnyet Ama & Seinnyet Nyima Paya

0.06 MILES

The Seinnyet 'Sisters' are a pair of beautiful paya standing hand in hand next to one another. Built in the 11th century by Queen Seinnyet, the, Seinnyet…

2. Somingyi Kyaung


Named after the woman who supposedly sponsored its construction, this typical late-Bagan brick monastery (about 650ft southwest of Nagayon) is thought to…

3. Nagayon

0.52 MILES

Slightly south of Abeyadana and across the road, this elegant and well-preserved temple was built by Kyanzittha. The main buddha image is twice life-size…

4. Eight-Faces Paya

0.54 MILES

On the main road, this small pagoda makes a handy landmark when navigating New Bagan. It's lit up at night, and best seen from one of the handful of…

5. Abeyadana Pahto

0.66 MILES

About 1300ft south of Manuha Paya, this 11th-century temple with a Sinhalese-style stupa was supposedly built by Kyanzittha’s Bengali wife Abeyadana, who…

6. Nan Paya

0.81 MILES

Just south of Manuha Paya by dirt road, this shrine is said to have been used as Manuha’s prison, although there is little evidence supporting the legend…

7. Manuha Paya

0.93 MILES

In Myinkaba village stands this active and rather modern-looking pagoda (although it dates from 1059). It is named after Manuha, the Mon king from Thaton…

8. Ashe (East) Petleik Paya

0.94 MILES

A short stroll northeast of Lawkananda Paya, this 11th-century temple is best known for the many terracotta Jataka lining the interior.