Shwe Linmin Paya

Myanmar (Burma)

This attractive 19th-century square-based stupa has a gold spire and white/ice-blue lower sections from a 2006 makeover. It's set in a nursery of flowering shrubs beside the lake road.

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1. Pahtodawgyi

0.33 MILES

This vast bell-shaped pagoda, erected by King Bagyidaw in 1820, is the tallest structure (185ft) for miles around. Men only are allowed to climb halfway…

2. Wok Foundry

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You can see giant woks being cast at this fascinating little foundry, located near Bagaya Kyaung. There are no real hours – these guys seem to work…

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8. Shwe Sin Tai

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Hand-worked silk-weaving workshop that welcomes visitors without sales pressure.