Mya Kyauk Kyaung at Yankin Hill, Mandalay.

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Yankin Hill

Top choice in Mandalay

Staring distantly towards Mandalay Palace, temple-topped Yankin Hill is worth climbing for views of greater Mandalay's rice-field setting and of the Shan foothills behind. After a 10-minute climb along the obvious covered stairway, you're likely to encounter a couple of domesticated stags – feeding them supposedly brings Buddhist merit. Pagoda walkways turn south along the ridgetop, eventually ducking into a rocky cleft where devotees splash water on tacky golden fish statues that lie at the feet of a Buddha image.

Cars and motorbikes can drive almost to the top of the hill from the southeast. Some pick-up 5 (၅) services terminate near the 19th St stairway.

Around 300yd back towards Mandalay, then 300yd north, Mya Kyauk monastery has a dazzlingly distinctive brassy stupa and is famed for its water. A taxi out this way will cost around K5000 return (or around K3000 for a motorcycle taxi).

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