Jewish School


Just south of Bab Merba, this former Jewish school with its own synagogue is now closed, but you can still peak through the doors – it's pretty rundown. If you're interested in seeing more, try to find the guardians as they will usually let you in for a small donation of Dh10 to Dh20.

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Nearby Sefrou attractions

1. Medina

0.14 MILES

The Oued Aggaï flows through the centre of Sefrou's medina, opening the place up and giving it more of an airy feel than that of many old medinas…

2. Funduq Ghazl

0.17 MILES

This beautifully restored funduq (ancient caravanserai) now houses textile artisans, including women. There are tailors, thread bobbiners, tassel- and…

3. Funduq El Kshub

0.18 MILES

This funduq sells wooden furniture, including some old turquoise-painted Jewish pieces if you're lucky. It's the home of the Sefrou Museum of…

4. Sefrou Museum of Multiculturalism

0.18 MILES

Located in the old carpenters funduq, this small museum tells the story of Sefrou in an inventive way. It exemplifies the multiculturalism of Morocco,…

5. Funduq Fès Jdid

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This is a beautifully restored funduq (ancient caravanserai) where weavers work on large looms, alongside slipper makers and tailors. Don't miss the…

6. Jardin Al Kanatir Al Khairia

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Skirting the western walls of the medina, Sefrou's public gardens are wedged into a small valley and feel a little like the lost world. Towering tangles…

7. Cascades de Sefrou

0.86 MILES

It's a leafy 1.5km walk west of town to the Cascades, a modest waterfall. On a hot day, it makes for a pleasant escape. Follow the signs from Ave Moulay…

8. Dayet Aoua

16.54 MILES

Dayet Aoua is surrounded by woodlands in an area notably rich in bird life. The lake is a popular picnic destination for families on weekends, but during…