Must-see attractions in Oujda

  • Medina


    Oujda's medina is a great slice of tradition and modernity. It isn't large and appeals to local tastes, so don't expect to wade through touts selling…

  • Parc Lalla Aicha


    Designed in the 1930s by René Maître, the city's chief architect, this beautiful park lined with magnificent trees and bright flowers is worth a stroll…

  • Grande Mosquée


    Towering over Oujda's small medina, the oldest mosque in the city, known to followers as Lkebir Jamaa, was built when Merinid ruler Sultan Abou Youssef…

  • Clock Tower


    Oujda's most recognisable landmark is the 1920s art-deco clock tower that overlooks Place 16 Août. The mosque next to it is arguably more impressive,…

  • Banque Al Maghrib


    The blockish central bank just south of Place 16 Août was built during the French protectorate in the 1920s. It's constructed in the Franco-Moorish style.

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