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$55 Day Trips & Excursions

Small Group Tour to Chefchaouen from Fez

In the morning at 8am, you will be met by your driver at your accommodation in Fez. After boarding the vehicle, you will make your way towards Chefchaouen or Chauen for short. Chefchaouen is located in the Rif Mountains near Tangier and upon arrival you will easily recognise the city by its blue-washed buildings.You will have about 4 hours to explore this picturesque small city's streets of the medina. Discover the local shops and cafes, the main square known as Plaza Uta el- Hammam, the kasbah museum belonging to the early 18th century, the Grand Mosque and perhaps the Ras Elma river that runs through the old city. You may also want to visit the ethnographic museum which contains musical instruments, antique weapons, and photographs of the old town.

$41.70 Private & Custom Tours

Chefchaouen Private Full-Day Tour from Tangier

You will be picked up from Tangier's port or from your hotel or closest pick-up point in Tangier and taken in an air-conditioned van for a private sightseeing tour of Chefchaouen. A bilingual driver guide will accompany you on this tour.10:00am: Drive past the spectacular Rif Mountain and feast your eyes on the rolling landscapes.11:15am: Begin your city tour of Chefchaouen.11:35am: Stop at the Al Makhzen market , a combination of an ancient Moroccan market and a more modern one.12:00/noon: Visit the famous Ras El Ma springthat gushes out of the mountain inside the stone walls of the town at the north-east exit of the medina. This cool oasis offers a stunning view over the valley.12:30pm: Enjoy a delicious Moroccan lunch at the Casa Hassan. Your menu consists of half a bottle of mineral water or lemonade per person, Moroccan salad, Couscous with chicken and dried grapes, Tagine with calf meat and vegetables and a fruit salad.2:00pm: Visit the Uta El Hamam square, easily the heart of this Moroccan city. The main attractions are the Kasbah and the central mosque along with the many cafes where you can sit out, enjoy the sun and just watch people pass. It is one of the best places to relax after all that sightseeing.2:15pm: Explore the city’s small and attractive medina and shop at the souks. The charming medina is characterized b the typical blue Andalusian architecture including arches, small squares and fountains. Chefchaouen is known for its exquisite local Rifi blankets, carpets and rugs, pottery, leather goods and woodwork.2:45pm: Departure from Chefchaouen.5:00pm: Your tour ends with a drop-off at Tangier's port or your hotel or the closest drop-off point in Tangier.

$41.70 Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Trip to Chefchaouen from Tangier

Set high up in the Rif mountains, Chefchaouen is a magnificent blue and white walled Medina that was previously a Berber post. Established in 1471 by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alamiand is now practically a ruin and next to it is the great Mosque. Chefchaouen was a Moorish fortress for exiles from Spain. Over the centuries, the city expanded and welcomed Jews and Christian converts alike. The Main square is considered the heart of Chefchaouen with the kasbah constructed back in the 18th century, central mosque and cafes with original Moroccan style menus. The market is full of a mix of traditional Moroccan and tourists souvenirs. The Medina is small and the town is easy to explore so you can take a walk on to the main square and the souks that sell an array of goods.

$90 Day Trips & Excursions

Chefchaouen Day Trip from Fez

Further afield from Fez and just south of the Mediterranean coastline lies the ‘Blue City’ of Morocco, Chefchaouen.We will meet you at 8.00 Am at Your hotel in Fez then head to Chefchaouen ,you will Explore the white and blue washed walls of the Medina or chill out around the main square and visit the Place Mohammed Park which has wonderful views of the Rif Mountains.Make sure you try the local goat’s cheese, famous in the region and take some time to look at the artisnal woolen products or even enjoy a walk in the surrounding countryside – whatever you choose, Chefchaouen is perfect for a relaxed day of sightseeing.

$94.40 Day Trips & Excursions

Full Day Trip From Tangier to Chefchaouen

High up in the Rif mountains, Chefchaouen is a beautiful blue door and white walled Medina that was originally a Berber post.The Main square is the heart of Chefchaouen with the kasbah built back in the 18th century, central mosque and cafes with authentic Moroccan style menus.The market is a mix of traditional Moroccan and tourists souvenirs, very busy but worth a visit for the bargains.The town is easy to explore. The kasbah was built by Moulay Ismail and is now practically a ruin and next to it is the great Mosque.Although the Medina is small, walk on to the main square and the souks that sell an array of goods.If you head on the Jewish quarter behind the jewellery souk, you will feel the difference between it and the main Arabic feel of the town.

$185.32 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Day Tour from Fez to Chefchaouen

Start your day trip to Chefchaouen or Chaouen around 8am, as it is called by Moroccans, it is among the best tourist destination in Morocco, situated in the Rif Mountains close to Tangier city in the north of the country. This beautiful blue city is known for its narrow streets and  traditional buildings. You will enjoy a walk through the narrow streets to explore the  white and blue washed walls of the old  medina and the traditional  markets that offer some unique native handicrafts.  You will have a chance to visit a great monuments like Plaza Uta Elhamam which is lined with  restaurants and cafes. You will also visit  the famous kasbah, a heavily restored walled fortress, with its lovely garden, and  the Grande Mosque, built by the son of the town’s founder, Ali ben Rachid  in the 15th century as well as other monuments.  Chefchaouen is also a perfect destination for photography with its wonderful views of the Rif Mountains and beautiful buildings. Return to Fez around 7pm.