Place de la Libération

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Built by the Spanish, who called it Plaza de España (some locals still do), this grand oval-shaped plaza is the town's focal point. Decorated with palm trees and a fountain, it's encircled by handsome Hispano-Moorish buildings where terrace cafes are a favourite haunt for locals. On the eastern side, the magnificent, glaze-tiled Bab Al Khemis is the centrepiece of an arched walkway and leads to the medina’s marketplace.

The town's much-loved pedestrianised balcón (elevated platform) is one block north.

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1. Medina

0.05 MILES

Entered through the Bab Al Khemis, an imposing Hispano-Moorish structure, Larache's blue-and-white medina has changed little over the years. Mostly…

2. Galerie Lafnar

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In an interesting old funduq (ancient inn used by caravans), this art gallery sells work by local artists, as well as staging occasional exhibitions. Just…

3. Music Conservatory

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A wonderful example of Hispano-Moorish architecture, the town's crenellated music conservatory features ornately decorated balconies, zellige (colourful…

4. Lookout

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With stunning views over the port and estuary, this lookout is a popular meeting spot. On the way you'll pass the crumbling 17th-century fortification…

5. Jean Genet’s Grave

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French literature buffs mays want to head to the old Spanish cemetery, the final resting place of Jean Genet (1910–86). If the gate is locked, ring the…

6. Ras R'mel Beach

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Larache has a small rubbish-strewn strip of sand below the town, but the best beach is across the Loukos Estuary, an 11km drive from the town centre. In…

7. Lixus Ruins

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Set on a hill with spectacular views over the Loukos Estuary, the Carthaginian and Roman ruins of Lixus are evocative reminders that settlements on this…

8. Rada Beach

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The wide sweep of Rada Beach – also known as Mounir Beach after the beach’s well-known cafe owner – is 22km from Asilah (7km of it down a dirt road) and…