Monoliths of M’Soura

Northern Atlantic Coast

The mysterious Monoliths of M’Soura make an interesting half-day trip from Asilah. This prehistoric site consists of a large stone circle (actually an ellipse) of about 175 stones, thought to have originally surrounded a burial mound. Although many of the stones have fallen or been broken, the circle is still impressive, its strange presence heightened by the desolation of its location. The tallest stone reaches about 5.5m in height and is known as El Uted (The Pointer).

The stone circle is about 25km (by road) southeast of Asilah. To get there you’ll need a sturdy vehicle. Head for the village of Souq Tnine de Sidi El Yamani, off highway R417, which branches east off the main Tangier–Rabat road. Veer left in the village and follow a poorly maintained, unsealed track 6km north to the site. It can be difficult to find so you may want to ask for directions or hire a guide in the village.

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