Welcome to Montserrat

Two decades later, this modern-day Pompeii is slowly recovering. The population is growing, and sand mining and geothermal energy provide new sources of income.

Tourists are returning too, a trickle to be sure, mostly for volcano-related day trips. Those who stay longer are drawn by the slow rhythm, the friendly locals, the fabulous hiking and birdwatching, and the blessedly tranquil ambience. The volcano is always a wild card, but by and large Montserrat is a safe place to visit.

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$76 Shore Excursions

Antigua Shore Excursion: Round Island Tour

Tour the island of Antigua and see some of its best sights while you’re in port. You’ll be picked up from your cruise ship port and driven across the island to Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, where you’ll admire the beautiful English Harbour, internationally well-known as a yachting destination.You’ll also have time to stroll around and view the Admiral's Inn, Copper and Lumber Store, Sailmakers's Loft, Mystery Pillars, the art gallery and the fabulous yachts moored to the old quay side.Visit the Blockhouse Ruins overlooking the mighty Atlantic Ocean, Indian Creek and, on a clear day, the island of Montserrat. Afterwards take a short visit to Shirley Heights for a bird's-eye view over Nelson's Dockyard.Worry-free Shore Excursion:We will ensure your excursion ends with ample time for you to return to St John's for your ship’s departure. In the rare event your ship has departed, we will arrange for transportation to the next port-of-call. See our terms and conditions for full details.

$76 Tours & Sightseeing

Round Island Tour

After pickup from your hotel, you'll travel to the other side of the island. Once here, there will be time to wander around and view the Admiral's Inn, Copper and Lumber Store, Sailmakers's Loft, Mystery Pillars and fabulous yachts moored to the old quay side. Visit the Blockhouse Ruins, overlooking the mighty Atlantic Ocean, Indian Creek, and on a clear day the island of Montserrat. Afterwards take a short visit to Shirley Heights for a bird's eye view over Nelson's Dockyard and Galleon Beach before heading back to your hotel.

$160 Day Trips & Excursions

Island Safari Adventure

The tour will first stop at Dow’s Hill, where you'll be able to see breathtaking views of the yachts in the English and Falmouth harbors. On a clear day you can even see an active volcano over to Montserrat. Next you'll visit the national parks and listen to your knowledgeable guide narrate Antigua’s famous history. The tour will wind its way down the hill and into Fig Tree Drive, the rain forest, and past the beautiful white sandy beaches and warm turquoise waters of the South West Coast.The tour will stop for a delicious local lunch at Turner’s Beach Restaurant, after which you’ll have time for a refreshing swim heading back to the hotel. Don't forget to bring comfortable clothing and shoes, swimsuits, towels, sunscreen and a camera. Lunch and local hotel pick up and drop off are included.

$128.34 Day Trips & Excursions

Sightseeing Tour : Sugar cane and rum

Welcome to the North of Grande-Terre, also known as the land of sugar cane. Originating in New Guinea and brought to the Antilles in the 17th century, sugar cane, a perennial plant and member of the grass family that can grow up to five metres tall, is now the second most common crop in Guadeloupe after the banana. You will be hiking through a sugar cane field until you reach the shore, following the old railroad, which was used to transport sugar from the plantation to the storage area on the port. The road will take you then to northern end of Guadeloupe: ‘la Grande Vigie Headland’. Located at the north end of Grande-Terre island, around six kilometres from Anse-Bertrand, this wild site reminiscent of Brittany offers nature-lovers some magnificent viewpoints over the high limestone cliffs of Grande-Terre, and in fine weather the islands of La Désirade, Antigua and Montserrat! On a footpath around the headland you can explore this impressive natural heritage. The vegetation, exposed to the wind and sea spray, is arid and surprisingly similar to that of the Mediterranean.. Next we’ll walk through the ruins of an old sugar factory: walls, chimney, mill. It was the first on this part of the island to have a well and less suffer from the dry season and lack of water. From cane, you end up with sugar but also a famous drink: Rum. Everything you want to know from the making, to distillation and aging. Our famous agricultural rum won’t be a secret anymore. We will finish the day with the visit of a rum factory, its history, its ways and a little tasting of rum, aged rum and local punch and liquor.

$297.08 Day Trips & Excursions

Full-day guided tour of Montserrat

Drive though our new and growing town center. Visit the Montserrat National Trust Amerindian Gardens. Take a tour of the Montserrat Volcano Observatory.  Adventure through our modern day Pompeii as you see our majestic volcano and walk on buildings and past buildings buried in ash. Drive past our luxurious villas and enjoy panoramic mountain ranges. Your time on the island of Montserrat is precious so enjoy every momentYour tour begins at Port Little Bay and ends at the Woodlands Beach Facility where you will have a Caribbean lunch and Live or taped Caribbean music.Take the opportunity to buy your souvenirs at the Trust Gardens Gift Shop, the Volcano Observatory and at the Woodlands Beach Facility.Be sure to get your group together. We will accommodate 4 groups with a minimum of 25 persons per groupSo sign up and come on over to Montserrat

$81.99 Outdoor Activities

Hike around the iconic Montserrat Mountain

I will pick you up at 9:00 AM and we will head directly to the famous monastery of Montserrat. From a far distance, you will be able to spot the unusual shape of the Montserrat mountain range that was declared a natural park in 1987.  We will then embark on our gentle hiking route around the mountain, whilst admiring amazing views. Our circular route will lead us to several hermitages, where monks use to live and retire in the past times. We will also pass by the largely pointed spears and rounded rocks that resemble certain animals and characters with a little bit of imagination. We will also observe the typical Mediterranean vegetation characterized by dense oak tree forest and if we are lucky we will spot the iconic wild goat of Montserrat or a vulture gliding on the ascending hot air while searching for its prey. At the end of our walk, we will visit the famous monastery with “la moreneta”—the black virgin saint—whose appearance at this sacred place resulted in the birth of the monastery. After having spent a fantastic and active morning in Montserrat, we will return to Barcelona. The entire experience will take about six hours.