King Nikola’s Palace

Adriatic Coast

Presenting an elegant facade to the water, King Nikola’s Palace was built in 1885 and now houses a collection of antiquities, folk costumes and royal furniture. Its shady gardens contain plants cultivated from seeds and cuttings collected from around the world by Montenegro’s sailors.

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1. City Beach

0.05 MILES

With a large industrial port and marina on its doorstep, Bar’s City Beach is not the most appealing option for swimming.

2. Church of St Jovan Vladimir

0.14 MILES

This huge, modern, gold-topped cathedral can be seen from all across Bar. It's dedicated to Jovan Vladimir, the patron saint of Bar, who is considered to…

3. Šušanj Beach

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Šušanj Beach is popular with Serbian holidaymakers. Beat the crowds in the succession of rocky coves that follow; they're perfect for snorkelling and…

4. St Nicholas’ Church

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Bar first became the seat of a Catholic diocese in the 9th century and in 1089 it was elevated to an archdiocese, with the archbishop given the title …

5. Stari Bar

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A small museum housed in a 17th-century customs building just inside Stari Bar's entrance explains the site and its history. From here, follow the green…

6. Virpazar

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This tiny town, gathered around a square and a river blanketed with water lilies, serves as the main gateway to Lake Skadar National Park. If you're…

7. Sveta Nedjelja Island

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The small church on this islet is said to have been built in gratitude by a Greek sailor who was shipwrecked here. The current church replaces one…

8. Katič Island

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One of two islets directly in front of the town beach, Katič can be visited via kayak or by hopping aboard a tourist boat; have a word to any of the chaps…