National Garden Park


In the southern part of Ulaanbaatar is the sprawling National Garden Park, a popular place for locals to unwind and get some fresh air after work and on weekends. The park is still a bit raw and forlorn, but as the trees grow it should improve over the years. It has a scenic mountainous backdrop, and there are food vendors, funfair games, open-air sculptures and sporting facilities. You can take a kitschy bike for a lap (per person T2000).

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1. Mahatma Gandhi Statue

0.82 MILES

Unveiled in 2006 this statue of Mohandas Gandhi is appropriately located on the street named after him. Inscribed on the plinth are his seven deadly sins.

2. National Amusement Park

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Known to almost everyone as the Children’s Park, this small amusement park features a roller coaster, among other rides, games and paddle boats. The…

3. International Intellectual Museum

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This museum contains an intriguing collection of puzzles and games made by local and international artists. One puzzle requires 56,831 movements to…

4. Red Ger Art Gallery

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5. Ulaanbaatar City Museum

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The Ulaanbaatar City Museum offers a brief but insightful view of Ulaanbaatar’s history through old maps and photos. The most interesting item is a huge…

6. Wedding Palace

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7. Mazaalai Art Gallery

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This commercial gallery is worth a look to check out some contemporary Mongolian art, and possibly to pick up something for the wall back home.

8. Zaisan Memorial

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Built by the Russians to commemorate 'unknown soldiers and heroes' from various wars, the Zaisan Memorial features stirring socialist realism imagery with…