Chinggis Khaan Statue


The enormous marble construction at the north end of UB's main square was completed in 2006 in time for the 800th anniversary of Chinggis Khaan’s coronation. At its centre is a seated bronze Chinggis Khaan statue, lording it over his nation. He is flanked by Ögedei (on the west) and Kublai (east). Two famed Mongol soldiers (Boruchu and Mukhlai) guard the entrance to the monument.

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Nearby Ulaanbaatar attractions

1. Government House

0.06 MILES

Behind the Chinggis Khaan Statue in Sükhbaatar Square stands Government House. An inner courtyard of the building holds a large ceremonial ger used for…

2. Damdin Sükhbaatar Statue

0.06 MILES

The square that bears Damdin Sükhbaatar's name features a statue of him astride his horse. The words he apparently spoke when declaring Mongolia's…

3. Sükhbaatar Square

0.09 MILES

In July 1921 in the centre of Ulaanbaatar, Damdin Sükhbaatar (the ‘hero of the revolution’) declared Mongolia’s final independence from China. A square…

4. Cultural Palace


The tall, modern Palace of Culture is a useful landmark, containing the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery and several other cultural institutions.

5. Mongolia Theatre Museum


The history of film and theatre in Mongolia is told through photographs and models at this small museum located on the 3rd floor of the Cultural Palace…

6. National Museum of Mongolia

0.11 MILES

Mongolia’s wonderful National Museum sweeps visitors from the Neolithic era right to the present day. It’s UB's only genuine blockbuster sight, offering…

7. Mongolian Stock Exchange

0.15 MILES

The white colonnaded building to the southwest of Sükhbaatar Sq is the Mongolian Stock Exchange, which was opened in 1992 in the former Children's Cinema…

8. Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery

0.15 MILES

Sometimes called the Fine Art Gallery, this place contains a large and impressive display of modern and uniquely Mongolian paintings and sculptures, with…