Templo de San Francisco de Asís


Across the road from the Templo de Aranzazú, the larger but less impressive Templo de San Francisco de Asís was begun in the 1660s by the Franciscans. It boasts lovely stained glass.

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1. Templo de Aranzazú

0.02 MILES

The compact Templo de Aranzazú is perhaps the city’s most beautiful. Built from 1749 to 1752, it has three remarkably ornate Churrigueresque (Spanish…

2. Palacio de Gobierno

0.29 MILES

The golden-hued Palacio de Gobierno, which houses the Jalisco state government offices, was finished in 1774 and is well worth visiting to see two…

3. Cathedral Crypt

0.33 MILES

The cathedral in Guadalajara includes a Gothic crypt, where three archbishops are buried.

4. Museo de Arte Sacro de Guadalajara

0.33 MILES

This pious collection astride the eastern flank of the cathedral is filled with dark and brooding 17th- to 18th-century religious art, as well as some…

5. Catedral de Guadalajara

0.33 MILES

Guadalajara’s cathedral is the city’s most conspicuous landmark with distinctive neo-Gothic towers built after an earthquake toppled the originals in…

6. Plaza Guadalajara

0.34 MILES

Plaza Guadalajara is shaded by dozens of severly cropped laurel trees and has great views of the east of the cathedral. Boasting a few fine cafes, it's a…

7. Plaza de la Liberación

0.35 MILES

This huge plaza due east of the cathedral was a 1980s urban planner’s dream project – two whole blocks of colonial buildings to be knocked down and…

8. Templo de San Agustín

0.35 MILES

South of the landmark Teatro Degollado on Plaza de la Liberación is the baroque-style Templo de San Agustín, all gold and white. Erected in 1573, it is…