Arco del Carmen

San Cristóbal de las Casas

The Arco del Carmen, at the southern end of the Andador Turístico on Hidalgo, dates from the late 17th century and was once the city’s gateway.

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1. Centro Cultural El Carmen

0.02 MILES

This ex-convent, just east of the Arco del Carmen, is a wonderful colonial building, with a large, peaceful garden. It’s now the Centro Cultural El Carmen…

2. Templo de San Francisco


Founded by the Franciscans in 1577, this fairly plain little church contains baroque altarpieces and pulpit.

3. Iglesia de Santa Lucía

0.17 MILES

This pretty white-and-turquoise church suffered severe damage during the 2017 Chiapas earthquake and was closed to the public at the time of research.

4. Hotel Santa Clara

0.19 MILES

The Hotel Santa Clara was built by Diego de Mazariegos, the Spanish conqueror of Chiapas. His coat of arms is engraved above the main portal. The house is…

5. Plaza 31 de Marzo

0.21 MILES

The leafy main plaza is a fine place to take in San Cristóbal’s unhurried highland atmosphere. Shoe-shiners, newspaper sellers and ambulantes (mobile…

7. Cerro de San Cristóbal

0.24 MILES

The hot slog up the Cerro de San Cristóbal will pay you back with big views over the city and surrounds.

8. Catedral

0.25 MILES

On the north side of the plaza, the candy-colored cathedral was begun in 1528 but wasn't completed until 1815 because of several natural disasters. Sure…