Palacio de Tetitla & Palacio de Atetelco


A group of palaces lies west, outside Teotihuacán's main area, several hundred meters northwest of Gate 1. Many of the murals, discovered in the 1940s, are well preserved or restored and perfectly intelligible. Inside the sprawling Palacio de Tetitla, 120 walls are graced with murals of Tláloc, jaguars, serpents and eagles. Some 400m west is the Palacio de Atetelco, whose vivid jaguar or coyote murals – a mixture of originals and restorations – are in the Patio Blanco in the northwest corner.

About 100m further northeast are Palacio de Zacuala and Palacio de Yayahuala, a pair of enormous walled compounds that probably served as communal living quarters. Separated by the original alleyways, the two structures are made up of numerous rooms and patios but few entryways.

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