Centro Cultural de España

Centro Histórico

The Centro Cultural de España always has a variety of cutting-edge art exhibitions going on, such as 'Vibraciones' where visitors 'listened' to music resonating through their skin. In the basement you'll find the Museo de Sitio, an interesting museum with the remains of 'El Calmécac,' a school where children of Aztec nobility received religious and military training during the reigns of emperors Ahuízotl and Moctezuma II. It was built between 1486 and 1502.

Also in the museum are various artifacts unearthed as the cultural center was being expanded between 2006 and 2008, including several 2.4m-tall pre-Hispanic almenas (spiral-shaped decorative pieces), colonial-era ceramic objects and a weathered 20th-century handgun.

The cultural center's splendidly restored colonial-era building, which conquistador Hernán Cortés once awarded to his butler, has a cool terrace bar that stages live music and DJ sets. There are great views of the cathedral from here.

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