El Caballito

Alameda Central

A couple of blocks west of the Alameda Central is El Caballito, a yellow representation of a horse's head unveiled in 1992 by the sculptor Sebastián. It commemorates another equestrian sculpture that stood here for 127 years and today fronts the Museo Nacional de Arte. The headquarters of news outlets surrounds today's horse.

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1. Museo Mural Diego Rivera

0.17 MILES

This museum is home to one of Diego Rivera’s most famous works, Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central (Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the…

2. Laboratorio de Arte Alameda

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As is often the case with museums in the centro, the 17th-century former convent building that contains the Laboratorio de Arte Alameda is at least as…

3. Museo Nacional de San Carlos

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The Museo Nacional de San Carlos exhibits a formidable collection of European art from the 14th century to early 20th century, including works by Rubens…

4. Museo de Arte Popular

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A major showcase for folk art, this is a colorful museum that even kids love. Crafts are thematically displayed from all over Mexico, including carnival…

5. Museo Nacional de la Revolución

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Underlying the Plaza de la República, this museum covers a 63-year period, from the implementation of the constitution guaranteeing human rights in 1857…