Museo Regional de Tlaxcala

East of Mexico City

The Museo Regional de Tlaxcala has a large collection of religious paintings and a few pre-Hispanic sculptures and artifacts.

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2. Capilla Abierta

0.04 MILES

Just below the Ex-Convento Franciscano de la Asunción, beside the 19th-century Plaza de Toros (bullring), is this capilla abierta (open chapel) with three…

3. Museo de la Memoria Tlaxcala

0.14 MILES

This modern history museum looks at folklore through a multimedia lens and has well-presented exhibits on indigenous government, agriculture and…

4. Museo de Arte de Tlaxcala

0.15 MILES

A branch of the museum that holds interesting temporary exhibits and a good permanent collection of contemporary Mexican art.

5. Zócalo

0.22 MILES

It’s easy to pass an afternoon reading or just people-watching in Tlaxcala’s shady, spacious zócalo. The 16th-century Palacio Municipal, a former grain…

6. Palacio de Gobierno

0.25 MILES

Inside the Palacio de Gobierno there are color-rich murals of Tlaxcala's history by Desiderio Hernández Xochitiotzin. His style is vividly realistic and…

7. Museo de Arte de Tlaxcala

0.26 MILES

This fantastic small contemporary-art museum houses an excellent cache of early Frida Kahlo paintings that were returned to the museum after several years…

8. Palacio de Justicia

0.28 MILES

The 16th-century building on the plaza's northwest side is the Palacio de Justicia, the former Capilla Real de Indios, built for the use of indigenous…