Biblioteca Palafoxiana


Situated above the Casa de la Cultura and founded in 1646, Biblioteca Palafoxiana was the first public library in the Americas. For this, Palafoxiana has been listed on the Unesco Memory of the World register. The handsome library houses thousands of rare books on its gorgeous shelves – carved cedar and white pine – including one of the earliest New World dictionaries and the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle, with more than 2000 engravings.

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1. Casa de la Cultura

0.01 MILES

Occupying the entire block facing the south side of the cathedral, the former bishop’s palace is a classic 17th-century brick-and-tile edifice that now…

2. Catedral de Puebla

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Puebla’s impressive cathedral, which appeared on Mexico’s M$500 bill until 2019, occupies the entire block south of the zócalo. Its architecture is a…

3. Museo Amparo

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4. Zócalo


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5. Edificio Carolino

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Next door to the Iglesia de la Compañía is the 16th-century Edificio Carolino, now the main building of Universidad Autónoma de Puebla.

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7. Museo José Luis Bello y González

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This house is filled with the diverse art-and-crafts collection of the 19th-century industrialist Bello family who lived here. It's a treasure trove for…

8. Museo San Pedro de Arte

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Opened in 1999 as Museo Poblano de Arte Virreinal, this top-notch museum is now named after the 16th-century Hospital de San Pedro in which it is housed…