Beach at Le Souffleur, Mauritius

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Le Souffleur


This half-formed grotto on the side of a cliff spouts a geyser-like fountain (up to 20m high!) when seas are rough. You'll need a bit of gumption (and a 4WD) to tackle this one, but it's well worth the adventure. To reach the super-secret souffleur, seek permission to cross the Savannah sugar estate near the village of L'Escalier, then follow the snaking track once you reach the sea. We recommend bringing a local with you to help you find it.

As the waves crash against the cliff the seawater pushes through a crack in the bluffs like a blowhole on a whale. If the seas aren't particularly rough during your visit, there's a natural land bridge nearby that's worth a camera click or two. It was formed when the roof collapsed on another naturally formed grotto.

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