Mahé de Labourdonnais Statue

Port Louis

At the quayside end of Place d'Armes, the best-loved statue in the city has become its emblem throughout Mauritius.

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1. Place d'Armes

0.08 MILES

The city's most imposing boulevard, Place d'Armes is lined with royal palms and leads up to Government House, a beautiful French-colonial structure dating…

2. Mauritius Postal Museum

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This interesting museum beside the Central Post Office houses a mishmash of commemorative stamps and other postal paraphernalia from around the world. One…

3. Central Market

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Port Louis' rightly famous Central Market, the centre of the local economy since Victorian times, is a good place to get a feel for local life, watch the…

4. Government House

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Government House is a beautiful French-colonial structure dating from 1738, although it was added to in later years. Outside it stands a typically solemn…

6. Jardins de la Compagnie

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Jardins de la Compagnie is the city's most attractive garden, with its vast banyan trees, huge number of statues, quiet benches and fountains. During the…

7. Aapravasi Ghat

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Aapravasi Ghat, a small complex of buildings located on the seafront, served as the island's main immigration depot for indentured labourers from India…

8. Blue Penny Museum

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Although dedicated to the world-famous Mauritian one-penny and two-pence stamps of 1847, the Blue Penny Museum is far more wide-ranging than its name…