Church of the Annunciation


A Dominican church, built and inaugurated in 1960.

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1. Inquisitor's Palace

0.03 MILES

The Inquisitor's Palace was built in the 1530s and served as law courts until the 1570s, when it became the tribunal (and prison) of the Inquisition,…

2. Church of St Lawrence

0.05 MILES

Built on the site of an 11th-century Norman church, St Lawrence's served as the conventual church of the Knights of St John from 1530 until the move to St…

3. Bishop's Palace

0.06 MILES

Built in 1542, this now private residence is often framed by colourful flowers.

6. Misraħ ir-Rebħa

0.08 MILES

This compact square features the Victory Monument, erected in 1705 in memory of the Great Siege, and an 1880 statue of St Lawrence, patron saint of…

7. Auberge d'Angleterre

0.08 MILES

The auberge of the English Knights. Now serves as a branch of Malta's health department.

8. Maritime Museum

0.09 MILES

The old naval bakery, built in the 1840s and operating until the 1950s, now houses a wealth of material on Malta’s maritime past. The collection includes…