Casa Inguanez


The ancient seat of Malta's oldest aristocratic family, who've lived here since the 14th century.

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2. Casa Testaferrata

0.03 MILES

The residence of the Marquis of San Vincenzo Ferreri, a member of the Maltese nobility. The title was created by King Philip V of Spain and donated to the…

3. House of Notary Bezzina

0.03 MILES

During the 1798 Mdina uprising against the French occupiers, the French commander Masson was lobbed to his death from the Bezzina's balcony.

4. Mdina Dungeons

0.05 MILES

Gruesome waxworks devoted to horrible historical practices may give older kids and teenagers a grisly thrill.

5. National Museum of Natural History

0.05 MILES

Housed in the elegant Palazzo de Vilhena is an interesting – if old-school fusty – array of displays. Of particular note is the geology section, which…

6. Mdina Experience

0.06 MILES

These three presentations about Mdina's history of siege and embattlement come with an attendant waxwork display of knights to really bring the town's…

7. Cathedral Museum

0.06 MILES

The Cathedral Museum's outstanding highlight is a series of woodcut and copperplate prints and lithographs by the German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer…

8. Corte Capitanale

0.06 MILES

The former Court of Justice. The figures on the balcony represent Justice and Mercy.