Ruins of Roman Villa


Excavated remains of a 1st-century Roman townhouse – admission is via the Domus Romana museum.

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1. Domus Romana

0.01 MILES

The Roman House was built in the 1920s to incorporate the excavated remains of a large 1st-century-BC townhouse. There's a small but fascinating museum,…

3. Mdina Ditch Garden

0.09 MILES

Mdina's ditch was an important element of its fortifications. It was first created in the 15th century, but was rebuilt by the Knights of St John's…

4. Mdina Experience

0.15 MILES

These three presentations about Mdina's history of siege and embattlement come with an attendant waxwork display of knights to really bring the town's…

5. Casa Bernard

0.15 MILES

You'll be personally guided through this privately owned 16th-century palace by one of the home's charming owners, who will explain the history of the…

6. Knights of Malta

0.17 MILES

Audiovisual displays, ghoulish and gruesome mannequins and big screens bring alive the story of the Knights of Malta and the Great Siege of 1565.

7. Casa Inguanez

0.18 MILES

The ancient seat of Malta's oldest aristocratic family, who've lived here since the 14th century.

8. House of Notary Bezzina

0.19 MILES

During the 1798 Mdina uprising against the French occupiers, the French commander Masson was lobbed to his death from the Bezzina's balcony.