Buskett Gardens

Dingli Cliffs

Malta's only extensive woodland area, Buskett Gardens' name comes from the Italian boschetto, meaning 'little wood'. The gardens were planted by the Knights as a hunting ground; today they are a hugely popular outing for the Maltese, and the groves of Aleppo pine, oak, olive and orange trees provide shady picnic sites in summer and orange-scented walks in winter.

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1. Verdala Palace

0.46 MILES

Verdala Palace was built in 1586 as a summer residence for Grand Master Hugues Loubeux de Verdalle. It was designed by Gerolamo Cassar as a hunting…

2. Chapel of St Mary Magdalene


In a lonely location overlooking the Dingli Cliffs, this chapel was built in 1646, but there has a been a church here since the 15th century.

3. The Cliffs

0.99 MILES

Beyond being an excellent restaurant, The Cliffs also acts as a local nature centre supporting the ecology, history and culture of the area. There's the…

4. Our Lady of the Grotto

1.41 MILES

Walk 1km south from Rabat to St Dominic's Priory, where there's a small chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Grotto. Legend claims that around 1400, a…

5. St Agatha's Chapel

1.71 MILES

First built in 1504, a newer church was built on this site in 1670, with further additions in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Highlights include the…

6. St Paul's Catacombs

1.72 MILES

St Paul's Catacombs (so-named for their proximity to the church) date from the 3rd century AD and were used for burial for around 500 years. Worship took…

7. St Agatha's Crypt & Catacombs

1.75 MILES

These catacombs contain a series of remarkable frescos dating from the 12th to 15th centuries. According to legend, this was the hiding place of St Agatha…

8. Wignacourt Museum

1.78 MILES

This sprawling museum has a gloriously hotchpotch collection that encompasses 4th-century Christian catacombs, a WWII air-raid shelter, a baroque chapel,…