Lost World of Tambun


When humidity makes the kids whimper, locals bring their families to this ostentatious water park, 8km north of Ipoh. As if the backdrop of jungle-furred cliffs wasn't dramatic enough, the 'lost world' theme is established with huge Mayan-style gateways. Behind them are wave pools, beach volleyball, water coasters and other refreshing amusements. Proper swimsuits only (no cotton T-shirts).

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Nearby Perak attractions

1. Perak Tong

4.03 MILES

Developed in 1926 by Chinese Buddhists Chong Sen Yee and his wife, this temple (7km north of Ipoh) is popular for its mesmerising murals and panoramic…

2. Kek Look Tong

4.96 MILES

With a craggy cave mouth beneath a towering cliff, Kek Look Tong (1920) has the most impressive approach of all Ipoh's temples. Three Sages dominate the…

3. Sam Poh Tong

5.11 MILES

First discovered by a monk in 1890, this cavern, 5km south of Ipoh, is now a riot of religious statuary and pagoda tiles. The entrance pavilion is grand…

4. Muzium Darul Ridzuan

5.52 MILES

North of the padang (field), this museum is housed in a 1926 villa built for a wealthy Chinese tin miner. The museum features displays on the history of…

5. Masjid Panglima Kinta

5.61 MILES

This late-19th-century mosque, attractively painted white and sky blue, is tucked away in Ipoh's new town, on the east bank of the Kinta River.

6. Masjid India Muslim

5.62 MILES

Built in the Mughal style in 1908 for the local Indian population, this mosque has an attractive, lacey, green-and-white design. Only Muslims are allowed…

7. Han Chin Pet Soo

5.64 MILES

This charming small museum charts the history of Han Chin Villa, a 1929 clubhouse for Hakka tin miners that became a hotbed of prostitution, opium trading…

8. St Michael’s Institution

5.68 MILES

A fine example of colonial architecture, this school, on the padang’s northern flank, was founded by the Catholic La Salle brothers in 1912. Not open to…