Queen Victoria Memorial Clocktower

George Town

The scallop-topped clocktower at the northern end of Lr Pantai was erected in 1902 by local millionaire Cheah Chen Eok to mark Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee.

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Nearby George Town attractions

1. State Assembly Building

0.05 MILES

On the southern side of the Padang is this neoclassical building dating back to the 19th century.

2. Fort Cornwallis

0.07 MILES

Captain Francis Light first built a wooden fort here in 1786, establishing the free port where trade would, he hoped, be lured from Britain’s Dutch rivals…

3. Padang

0.14 MILES

A typical feature of Malaysian colonial cities is the padang, which is an open playing field surrounded by public buildings. George Town’s padang…

4. House of Yeap Chor Ee

0.17 MILES

Housed in an exquisitely restored three-storey shophouse mansion, this interesting museum is dedicated to a former resident, itinerant barber-turned…

5. Pinang Peranakan Mansion

0.23 MILES

Lovingly restored, this ostentatious, mint-green structure was one of the most stunning private residences in George Town. Every door, wall and archway is…

6. Town Hall

0.23 MILES

The Town Hall, completed in 1880, has a beautiful restored ballroom that is a regular venue for temporary exhibitions and shows. The Town Hall’s Hokkien…

7. City Hall

0.24 MILES

Built in 1903, this Edwardian baroque building facing the Padang houses the Penang Island City Council.

8. Penang State Art Gallery

0.28 MILES

Housed in Dewan Sri Pinang, the island’s first multipurpose hall, this small and rather tired gallery includes a permanent collection of contemporary…