Ceramics Museum


Features Lithuanian ceramics and porcelain from the 20th century and earlier periods, and often houses temporary exhibitions.

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1. Town Hall

Old Town's tallest tower (53m) rises from Kaunas' Town Hall, an elegant white layer-cake of a building. Built in the mid-16th century, the hall has served…

2. St Francis Xavier Church & Monastery

0.04 MILES

The southern side of Rotušės aikštė is dominated by rosy-pink late-Baroque facade of the St Francis Xavier Church, college and Jesuit monastery complex…

3. Statue of Maironis

0.05 MILES

Maironis was the pen name of Kaunas priest and poet Jonas Mačiulis (1862–1932) whose writings helped to awaken the country’s nationalist longings in the…

4. Maironis Lithuanian Literary Museum

0.07 MILES

Even travellers unenthused by turn-of-the-20th-century literature will be enchanted by this museum dedicated to Lithuanian luminary Maironis (aka Jonas…

5. Holy Trinity Church

0.07 MILES

The western side of Rotušės aikštė is filled by the late-Renaissance (1624–34), terracotta-roofed Holy Trinity Church.

6. St George's Church

0.08 MILES

This 15th-century church and monastery has been ruined and rebuilt several times over the centuries, and served both Napoleon and the Soviets as a…

8. Kaunas Photography Gallery

0.09 MILES

There's always an interesting temporary exhibition on at this gallery, such as Integration, an interesting juxtaposition between obscure, dimly lit…