Deir Mar Elisha

Qadisha Valley

Near where the winding Qadisha road hits the valley floor is one of the most important monasteries, Deir Mar Elisha, which can be accessed by car and now functions as a simple museum. Hewn out of the rock face, its centrepiece is a vaulted 19th-century church that houses an 8th-century icon of St Elisha. You can also descend here via a path from Bcharré.

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Nearby Qadisha Valley attractions

1. Deir Mar Semaan

0.49 MILES

In the southern section of the valley, accessed via a path just over a kilometre west (ie further from Bcharré) from the main road down to the valley…

2. Gibran Museum

1.05 MILES

According to his wishes, the body of poet and artist Khalil Gibran (1883–1931), author of the much-loved The Prophet (1923), was interred in the chapel of…

3. Qadisha Grotto

1.42 MILES

Extending around 500m into the mountain, this small grotto contains some impressive limestone formations. Though not as spectacular as Jeita Grotto near…

4. Chapel of Mar Marina

3.55 MILES

Just beyond Qannoubin is the Chapel of Mar Marina, a female saint who, disguised as a man, lived as a monk at Qannoubin for many years before being…

5. Deir Qannoubin

3.57 MILES

From where the Qadisha road meets the valley floor, it's a 5km (1½-2 hour) walk to the serene still-working convent of Deir Qannoubin, probably the oldest…

6. Deir Mar Antonios Qozhaya

3.62 MILES

The working monastery of Deir Mar Antonios Qozhaya is in the northern section of the Qadisha valley between the villages of Hawqa and Ehden and accessible…

7. Saydet Hawqa

3.92 MILES

In the Qadisha valley below the village of Hawqa, this monastery (Our Lady of Hawqa) can be reached by a 4.5km path beyond Deir Qannoubin. It's a…

8. Chateau Sanctus

14.11 MILES

A boutique winery on four hectares in Marmama, this organic operation welcomes visitors to its vineyard and winery on weekends in spring and summer. Book…