Al-mina port in Tripoli.

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Al Mina

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An enticing blend of tradition and modernity, the web of narrow streets of Tripoli's port quarter makes for wonderful strolling. The Phoenician city stood here; these days quiet neighbourhood lanes hold both venerable coffeehouses and a string of modern boutiques and bars. The population is principally a blend of Orthodox and Sunni faiths. Along the waterfront, the corniche road is a venue for promenading or getting a boat trip out to nearby islands.

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Nearby Tripoli attractions

1. Taynal Mosque

1.98 MILES

Standing on its own to the south of the souqs on the outskirts of the Old City, but well worth the walk, is this restored green-domed mosque by the…

2. Madrasa Al Nouriyat

2.05 MILES

On a little square in the vicinity of the Great Mosque, this religious school has distinctive black-and-white stonework and a beautiful inlaid mihrab …

3. Great Mosque

2.05 MILES

Built on the site of a 12th-century Crusader cathedral and incorporating some of its features, this mosque has a magnificent entrance and an unusual…

4. Khan As Saboun

2.07 MILES

In the centre of the souq, the Khan As Saboun was built in the 16th century and first used as an army barracks; since then, it has for generations…

5. Souq An Nahhassin

2.07 MILES

Gleaming brassware characterises this market street, just outside the cramped central area of the souq. You'll need plenty of tenacity and elbow grease to…

6. Madrasa Al Qartawiyya

2.08 MILES

Attached to the east side of the Great Mosque is Madrasa Al Qartawiyya, which was built by a Mamluk governor of the same name in the early 1300s, over the…

7. Souq Al Sayyaghin

2.08 MILES

Tripoli's gold souq gleams bright with jewellery displayed in dozens of shopfronts. There are some very high-quality pieces, though they are mostly traded…

8. Hammam Al Jadid


While certainly not new – Hammam Al Jadid was built around 1740 – it was in use until the 1970s and is very well preserved. It was donated as a gift to…