Vērmanes dārzs (Vērmanes Garden)

Central Rīga

From Brīvības, pass the swirls of colour at the 24-hour flower market along Tērbatas iela to find the inviting Vērmanes dārzs. During the summer months, local bands perform in the small outdoor amphitheatre, and artisans set up shop along the brick walkways, amidst the chess matches, cafes and inviting benches.

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1. Latvian National Museum of History

0.14 MILES

This museum traces Latvian history from the Stone Age to the hipster age. If the exhibits have a temporary feel it's because the museum is meant to return…

2. Freedom Monument


Affectionately known as ‘Milda’, Rīga’s Freedom Monument towers above the city between Old and Central Rīga. Paid for by public donations, the monument…

3. Nativity of Christ Cathedral


Its polished gilded cupolas gleaming through the trees, this Byzantine-styled Orthodox cathedral (1883) adds a dazzling dash of Russian bling to the…

4. Laima Clock

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Built in 1924 as a gentle way to encourage Rīgans not to be late for work, this clock is a popular meeting place, carrying the branding of a popular…

5. Rainis Statue

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One of the great Latvian writers, Rainis – his pen name – created works that called for independence and have become part of the Latvian identity. He died…

6. Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

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This museum colourfully details Latvia’s Soviet and Nazi occupations between 1940 and 1991. Some of the exhibits are disturbing, including first-hand…

7. Bastion Hill


A former tower hill, which used to be a part of the city wall, It is now the highest and arguably the most romantic feature of the park that runs along…

8. Esplanāde

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The expansive Esplanāde is a large park dotted with tall trees, wooden benches and open-air cafes. The Latvian National Museum of Art graces it on one…