The shipping yard behind the Central Market is the latest district to benefit from a generous dose of gentrification. These crumbling brick warehouses were once filled with swinging slabs of hanger meat; these days you’ll find start-up companies.

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1. Kim?

0.01 MILES

An experimental art zone that dabbles with contemporary media.

3. Rīga Central Market

0.15 MILES

Haggle for your huckleberries at this vast market, housed in a series of WWI Zeppelin hangars and spilling outdoors as well. It's an essential Rīga…

5. Jēzus Baznīca

0.24 MILES

It would be a classical-style Lutheran church like many others if it wasn't made entirely of wood, which makes it a unique architectural gem that…

6. Holocaust Memorial

0.35 MILES

This moving Holocaust Memorial is on the site of a large 1871 synagogue that was burned to the ground on 4 July, 1941 during WWII, with the entire…

7. Popular Front Museum

0.39 MILES

A branch of the National History Museum, this exhibition involving interactive multimedia technology covers the period of the third Atmoda (national…

8. Rīga Synagogue


Built in 1905, this art nouveau–style synagogue was the only one to survive the Nazi occupation – to torch it in the tightly packed Old Town would have…